Do you stay in quarantine for Coronavirus and have no income?

In this case, you need to start looking for earnings online. You have more options to get started, but each option has its own requirements.

Let's see what your real opportunities to make money in quarantine are:

Start your own business
If you have a bigger amount of money, you can simply buy and sell items, for example on eBay. It is at this time that the market is greatly influenced by the spread of coronavirus around the world, and trade that worked yesterday is no longer working. This is a new opportunity for you as new market opportunities arise. Probably you will not succeed with the protective mask :-).

Make online paid surveys
This is the best way to raise money without knowing how to program and create a website. Simply register and fill out the questionnaires. Paid signups and watching ads are available here. In this way, you will not make dizzying money (everyone would do), but you will get a few dollars into the family budget that you can use to buy food or medicines.

Create your own website
You can create websites and monetize their content using Google Ads or Affiliate programs. You can start for free, you only need free time. You can easily create pages with Wordpress, which is free. Write an article on any topic in accordance with SEO and insert a commission link to the affiliate program on the topic.

Download Corona Money APP

In this app, you will find links for paid questionnaires and ad serving systems. That's the most I can provide. Don't expect thousands of dollars a month maybe hundreds. Updates are released once a day, please be patient.


Most people are not able to work online.

To get the job done online, it's more important to do more than typing and posting on Facebook. Most employers require IT skills. Imagine how many ordinary people earn on the Internet. The best way is to have your own business and website created for it. Get an interesting location in search results is a complex and long process of learning and mistakes.

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